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Financial Literacy

It is difficult to successfully start or run a business unless you first understand how to make and manage money.  It may seem like a simple task and it is easy to believe it comes naturally, but that is not the case.  Most of us have not had a formal class or even a specific discussion about money.
In fact, it was always considered rude to discuss one’s finances.

Well financial stability will continue to elude us until we have that discussion and truly understand how to leverage the tool of money in order to increase our wealth, then learn how to manage it. Our goal is to help you attract and grow money / wealth, not chase it.

Support Our Success will provide the knowledge you need to understand not only how to make money, but also how to make money work for you so no matter the venture, you will be prepared to earn, save and invest in your future.

Check out the event calendar for important dates on financial workshops.   Other helpful financial resources are available in our Library.